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Bohemian And Saxon Switzerland Tour from Dresden



departure 8:00 from Dresden

Arrive 18:00

Duration: aprox 10 hrs


Visit the two higlights of the Bohemia and Saxon Switzerland National park. Our  day long guided tour from Prague will take you into the heart of the Czech Bohemia and German Saxon Switzerland national park (The Elbe River Canyon Region).


Our first stop will be the Bastei Bridge on the Saxon (German) side of the national park. You will  walk across  this magnificent Bridge perched high above the river Elbe. The stunning views will simply take your breath away. 


Our day trip to Saxon and Bohemia Switzerland then continues on to the start of a 2 km hike up to Pravcicka Gate on the Czech side of the park. The Pravcicka gate is the largest natural sandstone gate in the whole of Europe and is truly one of a kind. We then enjoy fanatastic lunch (included)  We then head back to Dresden.


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From EUR 130/Person

[ Pravcicka Gate  / Bastei Bridge ]


Your pick up/drop off can also be at your hotel, airport or elsewhere. Please contact us to make the arrangements.

What is Included:


  • Transport from/to Prague

  • English speaking guide

  • Admission fees to Bastei, Pravcicka Gate

  • Lunch a la carte

  • Hot and cold drinks


  • Two countries in one day

  • Scenic Drive through Elbe River Canyon

  • Bastei Bridge trip, German Saxon Switzerland

  • Hike to Pravcicka Gate tour Czech Bohemian Switzerland

  • Lunch a la Carte

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